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When state and local government bodies of all sizes and specialties need a guiding legal hand in their affairs, the Delaware County municipal attorneys of Raffaele Puppio are ready to bring a wealth of experience to the table. The firm’s government counsel has been called upon to represent various government entities and individual governmental officials. The firm has litigated matters in the Federal and State Judicial System up to and including arguing cases before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

Bond counsel matters, land development, financial asset management, joint ventures with other government entities, environmental regulations, taxation disputes, and public transparency issues are just a few of the matters in which the government lawyers of Raffaele Puppio dispense informed and knowledgeable legal guidance.

When a Raffaele Puppio government lawyer is retained as special counsel or as solicitor in Delaware County, the greater Philadelphia region, or any part of Pennsylvania, the municipality in question can count on having readily accessible, responsive, cost effective legal advice and advocacy.

Elected officials who serve in local government bodies often are volunteers; many have limited experience in governmental administration, while their roles call upon them to make difficult decisions with significant legal ramifications for their organizations and communities. The full-service law firm of Raffaele Puppio has the experience to help elected officials successfully navigate the complex maze of governmental regulation, public policy and politics so that they can better serve their communities.

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