Simple and Aggravated Assault

Simple assault and aggravated assault are among the most common criminal charges in the Pennsylvania justice system. Being common, though, does not reduce their gravity.

Though a misdemeanor, simple assault is a serious charge that can lead to jail time. Aggravated assault is a felony that can result in prison sentences ranging from several months to several years. A conviction on either charge becomes part of one’s permanent record, damaging one’s ability to secure employment or housing when a background check reveals the criminal history.

In short, a conviction for either assault or aggravated assault can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost earnings and other opportunities over the course of your lifetime. Legal support from the defense attorneys of Raffaele Puppio can help save you from that.

If your assault case goes to trial, as many such cases do, an experienced trial lawyer from Raffaele Puppio can be the difference between a “not guilty” verdict and an expensive cloud that hangs over your reputation for decades to come. We are familiar with prosecutors and judges in the Delaware County court system and are well positioned to advocate on your behalf for the best possible outcome.

If you’ve been arrested on suspicion of or charged with assault or aggravated assault in Delaware County, contact the attorneys of Raffaele Puppio today.

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