Liquor Licenses

Pennsylvania has some of the strictest alcohol-related laws in the United States. If your business sells alcohol, whether it is a restaurant, bar, supermarket, or specialty shop, effective legal aid is essential to ensure that you comply with local and state liquor laws.

The experienced team of business lawyers at Raffaele Puppio can help you with all your liquor licensing needs in Delaware County, the greater Philadelphia area, and beyond. We will help you secure your liquor license when you start your business, renew it in a timely manner, and defend you against citations that could cause you to lose your license. If you are changing your location or turning the keys over to a new owner, we will facilitate the transfer of your liquor license with a minimum of hassle.

With drunk driving and other alcohol-related crimes so common these days, even a well-managed business can find itself on the wrong end of a lawsuit. Our Pennsylvania liquor license attorneys will advise you on the best ways to keep records to protect your business interests and provide representation in the event of an alcohol-related incident for which you could be held legally responsible. Don’t take chances; a careless oversight could cost you thousands of dollars and even your business.

The Pennsylvania liquor license lawyers of Raffaele Puppio understand the complex requirements of businesses that sell alcohol on their premises, whether it is to be consumed on-site or elsewhere. Hiring a legal professional to handle your liquor licensing needs is the best way to keep your business free of alcohol-related legal entanglements.

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