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Raffaele Puppio is a multi-practice law firm based in Media, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. One of the largest and most established full-service law firms in Delaware County, Pa., our attorneys are known for their legal prowess among the bench and bar. Founded on a rich tradition of public service and professional excellence, Raffaele Puppio’s lawyers have tried cases in Delaware County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia, and other areas of Pennsylvania in Municipal, Common Pleas and Federal courts and have presented oral arguments before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.


  • Gabrielle Goham Authors "Balancing the Rights of School Districts in Wake of Shootings"

    Raffaele Puppio partner Gabrielle Goham authored an article for The Legal Intelligencer about the role of the public school system in preventing violent attacks like school shootings. Read More...

  • Nicholas M. Orloff featured in PivotToday for Delaware County Leadership

    Nicholas M. Orloff, Esq., an attorney with Media-based Raffaele Puppio and who’s practice focuses on estate planning, estate administration and orphans’ court litigation, talks with PIVOT Today about growing up in Springfield, working at the Footlocker in the Springfield Mall, graduating Valedictorian of Widener Law School’s Class of 2005, his favorite weekend-getaway and how the best piece of advice he ever received saved him more than a few nicks and cuts. Read More...

  • Kathleen A. Piperno, Esq. featured in PivotToday for Delaware County Leadership

    Kathleen A. Piperno, Esq., a Partner with Raffaele Puppio, shares memories of growing up in Philadelphia, her first job in retail merchandising, and why she choose Widener for law school. Read More...


  • When is the Right Time to Consult an Elder Law Attorney in Pennsylvania?

    April 13, 2018

    Much like wisely deciding to repair the tattered roof of your home to protect against a surprise thunderstorm, the best time to contact an elder law attorney to adequately address the future needs of aging parents, a spouse or yourself is today. Long-term care arrangements are too often placed on the backburner of life’s priorities.... Read More...

  • Will the Right Heirs Inherit Your Estate?

    March 29, 2018

    As emotionally unsettling as your death would be to your spouse, children and extended family, its impact would have additional ramifications should you die without having drawn up a will. Whether young or old, fit or infirm, having a valid will or other binding declaration ensures that the assets you accumulated over a lifetime will... Read More...

  • Understanding Special Needs Trusts in Pennsylvania

    March 22, 2018

    If you have a child with a disability who is unlikely to become financially independent, no doubt you already have begun to think about what would happen to him or her when you die. Fortunately, an estate planning option called a Special Needs Trust is available in Pennsylvania. Through a Special Needs Trust, you can... Read More...