Probation Violations

Probation is a frequently misunderstood type of criminal sentencing. In Pennsylvania, it’s typically given to non-violent offenders, particularly those who have not previously pleaded guilty to or been convicted of a criminal offense. In the public imagination, a sentence of probation is often viewed as a “slap on the wrist.” As those who are on probation know, however, it usually comprises significant restrictions on one’s personal freedoms.

Violating those restrictions even slightly, intentionally or otherwise, can result in the revocation of probation. Failing to immediately notify a probation officer of a change in employment or living arrangements, for example, could comprise a probation violation. If probation is revoked, the offender may spend the remainder of their sentence in a correctional facility. The decision of whether to revoke probation is made by a judge at a probation violation hearing. If you’ve violated your probation, having experienced legal counsel at that hearing is essential.

In Delaware County, the attorney you want advocating for you at a probation violation hearing will come from the firm of Raffaele Puppio. Our firm’s collective experience in probation violation matters makes our attorneys the best choice to help you protect your future.

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