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What You Should Know About the Pennsylvania Clean Slate Law
The Pennsylvania Clean Slate law allows those convicted of certain non-violent crimes to seal those convictions from public records and disallow for any employers, housing providers, or education programs to require disclosure about them upon job applications and interviews.
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The Nation’s Special Education Law: IDEA
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, commonly referred to as the IDEA, aims to provide children with disabilities across the nation with access to a free appropriate public education. Find out how a child qualifies.
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The ‘What,’ ‘Why’ & ‘How’ of Death Certificates
When we are born, we are issued a birth certificate not only for the purpose of obtaining a legal name, but also to notify the United States government of our existence. But did you know that there is a certificate for when you die?
Janus v AFSCME

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Affected by the Opioid Epidemic
The opioid epidemic and its aftermath have caused a strain on healthcare services, law enforcement agencies, children, and their families. Grandparents have stepped in to provide hope, a safe environment and secure homes in order to replace trauma.
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Federal Tax Reform Effect on Alimony Deductions in 2019
Under the Tax Cuts and Job Acts, effective January 1, 2019, alimony payments are no longer tax deductible to the payer or included in the taxable income of the recipient.
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Selling A Delaware County Business? Here’s How
Selling a business is no easy decision and no easy task. A simple mistake can cost you thousands – or even millions – of dollars. No matter if your business is a small family-owned company, or a large corporation, it is important to know what you are doing.
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Probation Violations in Pennsylvania
Probation allows a person convicted of a crime to avoid incarceration and remain in the community under a probation officer’s supervision as long as the person agrees to follow certain terms and conditions imposed by the court. In Pennsylvania, an individual can violate probation either through technical violations or new criminal offenses.
Janus v AFSCME

Technology in the Classroom: Rights and Responsibilities of Teachers
Technology use will continue to grow and change in the classroom. Teachers need to be able to incorporate technology into their teaching as we move toward a more digital and technological world to ensure access for all students.
Featured Practice Area - Commercial Real Estate and Business Transactions
Starting a business is a major undertaking. Knowing the ins and outs of your own business is just one part of the equation for success. The business and real estate attorneys of Raffaele Puppio help entrepreneurs in Delaware County and the greater Philadelphia area solve their legal challenges quickly and efficiently so that they can focus on the successful operation of their businesses.
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Pivot TodayRaffaele Puppio Welcomes Special Education Law Attorney
Raffaele Puppio is pleased to welcome attorney Konstantinos Patsiopoulos to the firm; he will focus his practice on special education law.

Best LawyersEducation Law and Government Services Of Counsel Featured in Pivot.Today
Tracey Waldmann speaks to Pivot.Today about her special education practice and finding solutions to help students.

Public School CodePivot.Today Features Raffaele Puppio Attorney Laura Dugan
Laura Dugan, a criminal and personal injury litigation attorney at the firm, shares with Pivot.Today her favorite Delaware County restaurant, why she enjoys criminal and personal injury law, and the best piece of advice she ever received.

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